Star – Asli HD for Asli Fans

For an Asli HD experience, you need an HD Television, an HD Set Top Box and HD Channel.

STAR, India's No.1 TV network, brings you the Asli HD experience with eight of our HD channels - Star Plus HD, Life OK HD, Star Gold HD, Star Movies HD, Star World HD, Star World Premiere HD, Star Sports HD1 & Star Sports HD2.

Understanding HD

HD stands for High Definition, which in simple terms means a far better viewing experience. Your favorite STAR shows in HD look so real, that you will feel your favourite characters in the same room as you are. HD will make all this possible, giving you one fantastic viewing experience, right in the comfort of your living room.

You television viewing experience will be Even Better in HD.

How do you get the Asli HD experience?

To get the Asli HD experience, you will need an HD TV, an HD Set Top Box and HD channels.

What are the benefits of HD?

Sharper picture - An HD format has 1080 active pixel lines. This means the resolution is one or two million pixels per frame, approximately 5 times that of a regular TV.

Panoramic viewing experience - The aspect ratio, which is the ratio of the width of the image to its height, is 16: 9. Thus the images on HD TV do not get stretched on your screen, but look real and lifelike.

Understanding HD

Get the true HD experience on Star HD channels because we shoot with state of the art HD cameras and deliver this content to your screens daily.

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